Angel Legacy Bears

April 12, 2019

By Sanda Rathamone

"We'll be friends forever won't we, Pooh?" asked Piglet. "Even longer." Pooh answered. 

Back in February, I wrote the blog post, Transitions, about Elijah's Bear and easing my way out of this attachment to it. Like a small child, his bear was my security object. However, my "progress" came to a halt shortly after.

I posted on Instagram (no longer available) about how I went back to sleeping with Elijah's Bear. Let's just say that grief after baby loss is hard. Healing from loss is a process and a lifelong journey; there's no real progress to be made in grief. It was comforting once fellow loss mothers began commenting about a similar experience and shared the same emotions.

I had a kind supporter about my "bear experience," which led to a collaboration with a bear maker, Jodi Anderson, of Anderson Bears. Jodi was touched by our story from my blogs and social media posts about baby loss. So touched that she had offered to make us an "Angel Legacy Bear" (emphasis on the word "make!). I was ecstatic to hear that Jodi would be making us a bear (by hand!) in honor of Elijah!

In short, Angel Legacy Bears are created for families of babies born sleeping or have passed from SIDS. These bears can be made into the exact weight of a newborn and could wear baby's clothing, which is a way to remember angel babies. Additionally, they have movable joints and are made according to the receiver's request that make them all the more unique and special.

However, the fun part of this bear-making journey was watching Jodi's videos where she explained and demonstrated important details. It was also comforting to hear Jodi mention Elijah's name, which is often rare at home - it was like music to my ears! The simple acknowledgement of Elijah was more than enough and a gift in itself. 

So please, if you are a friend or family member of someone who has lost a baby, please, please, please say their babies names! It is the simplest, most helpful thing to do, and not much to ask!

I must also mention that I have been considering getting Elijah another bear for some time. His original bear, which we call "Elijah Bear" was given to us from a chaplain when we were in the hospital. I have thought about going to a Build-a-Bear Workshop (yes, I know it's for kids), but an Angel Legacy Bear has much more meaning and serves a greater purpose. Jodi has not only made us a bear, she has also sent us her love in the form of a bear!
Top: Isaiah & Elijah Bear Bottom: Certificate of Authencity
Anything that is handmade contains the spirit of love and joy. It has been wonderful and exciting to receive our Angel Legacy Bear; it was comparable to making a baby! From the moment Jodi asked what color I wanted and size of fur to the moment our bear arrived has been an enjoyable experience. I am happy to welcome our Angel Legacy Bear, Isaiah, to our bear family. I hope to someday share this bear with another little one in the future, and tell the story of how and why it was made. 

Thank you, Jodi, for being a kind soul and demonstrating the power of teddy bears. May Anderson Bears continue to bring joy in the lives of those in need of comfort. 

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Watch Jodi's docuseries on our bear, here.

*This is not a sponsored blog post, just a kind gesture to share the love. A portion of the profit goes to Anderson Bears' Legacy Love program to fund bears that help seniors with depression, anxiety, or loneliness.

With love,
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