Dear Angel Mom Who Just Lost Her Baby

September 9, 2017

By Sanda Rathamone

You are still a Mother.

Dear Angel Mom Who Just Lost Her Baby, 

I will not say "welcome to the club," because a loss journey is no club, but rather a path to healing. I will say that you are a part of a new world that will open up many doors. Some of these doors may look or seem fearful, some of them will be wide open and hard to close, some of them will be doors you willingly enter yourself. 

Other doors will be closed for a time, until you are ready to open them. 

Whichever door or doors you are in or think of closing or entering is the perfect door for you at this very moment. Trust that what is behind this or that door is for you - and only you - to explore and discover what you are meant to. Trust that you are guided and protected along the way and remember that your baby resides within and surrounds you with a lightness. Some days, you may not feel this lightness, some days you will, but it will always be there to help you even if you have forgotten. 

This lightness is love and warmth from Heaven and from those who deeply care for you. 

You have the permission to cry, to be angry, to feel lost, to obsess and replay memories, and to share your baby with the world. You have the permission to express or not express how you really feel to protect yourself. You have every right to talk about your baby and you have all of the qualifications to be a mother to your baby. This permission is not granted from me or from God, but from you and only given by you.

You are powerful and you have the power to heal yourself. 

Do not rush or feel rushed. Do not push yourself for the sake of rushing. Rather, take your time, tune into your time, flow into your time. Trust in the process of the unfolding of your new life and the process of shedding your old self into your new self. 

There will be questions, there will be doubts, there might even be more loss of those you thought you could trust, but remember that where you are, others have been and others are. Others are seeking you, too. If you are seeking them, you will find them in the timing of your unfolding. 

Be gentle. Feel. And let go. Breathe in, breathe out. Breathe through your tears and through your grief. 

You are always in the wings of Angels, you are always loved in Heaven. May you remember that you have always been and will always be a mother to your Angel. 

With love,

Photo: pixabay

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