Day 8: Something I Made For You

August 8, 2017

By Sanda Rathamone

30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 8

"The littlest feet make the biggest footprints on our hearts."

After Elijah was born, a social worker sent someone to talk to us, who would need some information for a death certificate. This is the part that gets confusing after having a stillbirth; what about a birth certificate? Why does my baby not get a birth certificate?

I never understood the process of how the hospital handles the birth or death certificate process for stillborns. I have only heard that many do not get one. And we actually didn't get a birth or death certificate from the hospital either. Although, I do know that there was one made at the mortuary that we went to, but that if we needed or wanted a copy, we would have to pay for it. We simply made a pass and didn't think more of it. We had to pay a few hundred dollars to cremate our stillborn son, wasn't that enough?!

But then, one day, I came across an article about birth certificates for stillborns. Grieving parents of stillborns were trying to petition for equal opportunities for stillborns in receiving a birth certificate. I didn't look more into the petition, but it inspired me to use my own creativity. I wasn't going to wait for the government to do something about this.

I made Elijah an "unofficial" birth certificate.

Yes, a birth certificate may just be a piece of paper, stating something we have already known to be true, but as a stillbirth parent, a birth certificate is a tangible memory. Something that shows that our baby was born, too. 

It's kind of like if your baby gets one, what about ours? What makes our baby undeserving of a birth certificate? Is it because of death?

So, I went on the web and searched for examples of birth certificates for reference. After going through many, I began to incorporate everything I thought would be perfect. It took me about a couple hours to make because I had wanted everything to fit. I picked some beautiful fonts and a border, wrote a unique description, added some clip art, and pasted Elijah's hand and footprints on each side. After finishing the soft copy, I printed it and went searching for a photo frame.

For something so simple, it makes a bold, yet, gentle statement, especially in our bedroom. I might make a change and purchase a certificate template for better texture and detail, but it actually looks worth honoring. I love it!

There are some who do run a little business in making birth certificates for stillborns, which is awesome. But, I find that creating it myself is something that has made me feel proud and that it embodies the love I have for my son.

It was made with love, a mother's love.

Elijah's birth certificate is now hung on our bedroom wall under a pair of white wings. It is displayed just above the light switch and next to our door, where it will always be remembered.

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