Day 2: The Meaning Behind Your Name And Why We Chose It

August 2, 2017

By Sanda Rathamone

30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 2
"Naming a baby is an act of poetry, for many people the only creative moment of their lives." - Richard Eyre

I would have never thought that I would give my firstborn nor any of my children a biblical name. To be frank, I didn't want to give my children traditional names either. I have always wanted to give them a unique, yet, simple name. Something that no one could ever mispronounce or make fun of - unlike what happened to me growing up - but was also beautiful.

I had yet to learn that every name is beautiful in its own way.

I have never really read the bible nor am I religious. Though as a child, I was once curious and read a children's bible. During my childhood, my mom would take us to the Dollar Tree and we could choose an item or two for ourselves - I happened to have a fondness of books and word puzzles. My mom is also a Buddhist, but she never noticed that I was reading a children's bible. Not that she even knew what it was. Funny that I don't recall the name Elijah in that book. Maybe I was just too young and don't remember everything I read.

Yet, even now, I still have ongoing questions about God and wonder if He was the one who had led me Elijah's name. Although, I do know that there is a higher power and that in some wonderful, magical way, I am spiritually connected to it - as is everyone else and all life.

Elijah means "My God is YAHWEH." I am still a bit confused on what "YAHWEH" means, however, I can see the correlation of the meaning of Elijah and what the Prophet Elijah was told to do. To read more about the biblical name meaning, click here.

I have never been so drawn to read about biblical prophets, until I came across the name Elijah. I also did not learn about the Prophet Elijah being fed by ravens who were sent from God. Fascinating how Elijah sends me crows as well. To read more about my experience with crows and ravens, click here.

I never saw it in a baby names book either. Perhaps, I just didn't notice it or like I said earlier, I just wasn't interested in biblical names, therefore, I didn't even bother to look. There were other names that I loved so much, such as Kaiden, Wyatt, and Milo. I never seemed to have an interest in girl names. A major part of me wanted a boy and knew that I was going to have.

My husband really loved the name Sebastian - I didn't. It was so difficult to agree on a name! He didn't like 'Kaiden' very much. He also said that his cousin's baby has that name, which made me realize that one of my aunts named her son Kaeden as well. So out the door 'Kaiden' went. I loved the name Wyatt from my favorite T.V. show, called Charmed. Wyatt was the son of a witch (the good kind) and a "whitelighter." And 'Milo' was such an adorable soft name. I wanted a boy name that sounded strong, but gentle.

I have always sensed that my son was going to be some kind of a guardian or protector. I just didn't think that he would actually be an angel.

This one night, searching on the web, I somehow came across the name Elijah. Saying it in my head sounded heaven-like, different. I asked my husband how he felt about 'Elijah.'

"Hmm. It's nice."

We both agreed how we have only heard of the name Elijah from The Book of Eli and Elijah Woods from Lord of the Rings. To us, the name was uncommon. No one else we knew had this name and it was so interesting the way the name is gently said. As if you could never get mad at Elijah.

At 20 weeks - when we found out he was a boy - we temporarily agreed on the name Elijah. My husband grew fond of Wyatt. But a day later, things ...changed. When we were in the E.R., our room happened to be (not a number), but the letter 'K.' I took it as a sign that perhaps we should take on the name Kaiden instead, since we knew that it was most likely that we were going to lose him. But, I loved Elijah too much to change our minds. Though we had only just named him not too long before we lost him, I had secretly called him Elijah for a little while, ever since the name came to me.

We never had the chance to consider a middle name, I felt rushed to name him after delivery. Maybe he didn't need a middle name anyway. Yet, it wouldn't have hurt to give Kaiden a small chance.. Kaiden was the very first name I loved. However, I felt the urge to give him both of our last names - he was our child brought into the world by two families.

Now, it is like I could never have named him anyone else. Elijah suits him. It is as if he was always Elijah long before I knew he would be.

Elijah Rathamone-Saeteurn
B. June 16, 2016
6:51am 10in. 9.9.oz
Due October 30, 2016

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