30 Day Writing Challenge For Stillbirth Mothers

July 31, 2017

By Sanda Rathamone

"If a story is in you, it has to come out." - William Faulkner
For weeks, I have been wanting to do a writing challenge, but more so about everyday and other fun things - I was trying to give grief writing a break. I have searched for many prompts and ideas, but nothing seemed to bring any interest. And then - with reluctance - I searched up journaling and writing prompts for grief. I had this "ah-ha!" moment and realized that writing about [my] grief has become something that I have grown to be comfortable with and well, talented at.

Who knew that writing about grief would become a talent, more so a hobby, that not only helps myself, but others! This is something that I love about my grief - being able to write and share it in the most beautiful ways. 

I came across some writing prompts, but realized that being creative and writing my own would add a more personal touch. It would also be something I would actually like to write about, since I didn't find a liking to other prompts.

So, what other way than to start my month of August 2017 on a good note, especially being a blogger. I know that August has 31 days, but will keep it at 30 to let that last day be a breather from all of that writing and to reflect on the past month. This will definitely be a challenge for me, since I will be starting school again in the fall. 

I encourage all stillbirth mothers to give this challenge a try or even create their own! This doesn't have to be blogged or published online, either. You can also do this in a personal journal. Whichever preference, is great! There is also no length of writing required, write how ever much you feel you need to! Some might not even require much writing at all and more of something short and descriptive. I hope that this is an inspiring writing journey for all as well as myself.

This may be a painful thing to do, but I have high hopes that it will be very therapeutic.  

Below is my 30 Day Writing Challenge For Stillbirth Mothers (click on links to read entries):

Day 7: Baby Shower Theme (Or, Imagine/Create One)
Day 15: A Photo of My Belly (Or, of When I Was Pregnant)

You can also read about my Reflection about my 30 Day Writing Challenge, here

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