The Nurse Who Was Sent From Heaven

January 27, 2017

By Sanda Rathamone

The day after I gave birth to my son was supposed to be the day that I was discharged from the hospital. All I wanted was to go home. My son was taken from me, what was there left for me to do at the hospital?

I woke up that morning and for the fifteenth or twentieth time, greeted by a new nurse. She was a nice mature woman and quickly took my vitals, then left. When she returned, we asked to have Elijah brought to our room. Back with our son wrapped in a bag and his teddy bear in his bassinet, she asked if we wanted to look away, since parents were often upset to see their child unwrapped by nurses.

So, I did just that, I looked away and waited. She even re-wrapped him in his receiving blanket before putting him into my arms.

She asked, "What did you guys name him?" 
I replied, "Elijah."

Then, she gave us this peculiar look, as if I had said something that hurt her or caught her by surprise, in a bad way. With tears in her eyes, she asked to hug us both and we complied. I sat there, puzzled. Did I do something wrong? Was there something wrong?

She said that her son is also named Elijah. He was born on June 16, 1988 and that he was coming home to see her because it was his birthday the day before. She also said that one of the reasons why she became a nurse was because of the death of her husband when she was 19.

At the time, she was a young mother and wasn't sure what to do with her life, she was having disagreements with her father (I was having disagreements with my mother). However, she decided to go to school and become a nurse. Growing tired of her job and unsure that this was what she was supposed to do in life, she wanted to retire, but still was undecided.

I was speechless once I heard about her Elijah. How could this be?? Was she playing a cruel joke on me? If so, this was not at all funny. I had just lost my son! But, after awhile, I was comfortable enough to trust her and share some things about myself and Elijah. What was said next was just mind-boggling.

I told her that before we decided on Elijah's name, I wanted to name him Kaiden. She gave me this "big-eyed look." Her other son, from a different father, has the name Aiden! She mentioned that his teddy bear was a wonderful thing to keep him company. I told her that we never got to buy him one, that it was a gift, but that we bought this monkey blankie for him to hold because he was born on the year of the monkey, like myself. She, too, was also a monkey!

I was ecstatic and amazed at how many parallels we had as our conversations kept going. Our life just seemed to be so much the same and connected, as if we were soulmates.

When she left and was replaced by another nurse, we thought we'd never get to say goodbye. We were also still confused and excited about what had just happened. Was she telling the truth? We even tried calculating her age to see if she matched her information. It was about right. But, still was this all true? I was also moved to a different floor later that day. The next day or so, we returned to that same floor because I wanted to spend some time outside in the courtyard. Being in the hospital room was too stressful.

Surprisingly, as we walked toward the door to the courtyard, she was walking straight to us! We talked some more... about many things I would have never talked with just anyone. She was also "non-religious" but still believed in a higher power, just like myself.

Something that I will never forget that she said was that I was "walking an inch above the ground." That someday, I will meet others walking that same way as well. She told me that we both have completed our karmic cycles, we did what we were supposed to do in life.

By meeting me, I gave her a confirmation that what she has done in her life was exactly what was needed and supposed to be done. I was confused. It was because she wasn't sure the direction she choose was right for her, my presence showed her otherwise. By meeting her, she gave me what I asked for. I wanted God, angels, the Universe to help me, to give me some kind of sign. Why did I have to lose my son?

Though I have longed believed that Elijah was a miracle from the moment I knew he was there, Marlena showed me an even bigger miracle. The last thing she said was to spell "Guru." G-U-R-U. My favorite quote from her was: "You are your own and best Guru."I have the power to guide myself through anything.

The world works in mysterious ways. God and my Angels are always watching over me. My Elijah was born on June 16, 2016.

Thank you for being my Angel, Marlena.

With love,
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