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Thank you for making one year possible and continuing to support my blog, our story, and parents of pregnancy and infant loss.

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A Half Empty Nest

"I am half agony, half hope." - Jane Austen gathered my things and sat them on the counter. He punched in the price of my items, while I was trying to pull out cash from my pocket. He pointed to my left and asked a question that I couldn't comprehend.

I looked around, confused. Huh?

With a good guess, he was asking if I would like to purchase any of the three yogurt containers that were stacked on the counter. With a confused, but sure answer and a shake of my head, I said, "No."

He said with broken, but confident English, "You have baby?"

I thought, "What did that mean? What did a baby have to do with yogurt?"

With a salesman's voice and a nod, he said, "It's fresh." And then, I had realized what he had meant.

The man was wondering if I had any kids that ate yogurt. (Assuming that he thought mothers buy yogurt for kids.)

I told him, "No." But, then a part of me was screaming, "Yes."

He asked, "You s…

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About The Author

Sanda lives in the San Francisco Bay Area. She is a Lightworker, Intuitive, Writer, Stillbirth and Mental Health Advocate, Mother of a Spirit Baby, and Wife. She enjoys diving in books, exploring her personal spirituality through metaphysics and the great outdoors. She has an Associates in Social Science and is currently working towards her credentials for Child Development.

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Forever Our Baby. Forever Our Angel. Forever In Our Hearts. Forever In Our Lives. Forever Loved.

Forever Our Baby. Forever Our Angel. Forever In Our Hearts. Forever In Our Lives. Forever Loved.

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